Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nautical iPhone Cases

I have always wanted an iPhone (I have a Droid right now and am trying to hold onto it until the iPhone 5 comes out), but I haven't wanted one for the reason that most people want one.  I want an iPhone because of the nautical phone cases that are made for them (they don't have these for Droids!) Yes, I have want a phone mainly for the case.  True story.  The first nautical phone case I ever saw was the case below, which is, of course, by none other than Lilly P.  I was totally sure that this would be this case I'd get when I get an iPhone. I mean it has seahorses on it.

BUT recently I have been coming across these other nautical beauties and let's just say it's a good thing the iPhone 5 doesn't come out for a long time because I have no idea which one I want more (They better make all of these for the iPhone 5!!)  I might have to get a few and switch them up like one does nail polish or eyeshadow... 


  I love this Lilly pattern!

  This has a little bit too much pink for me, but I do love a flamingo!

Gotta love these sailboats!

Liz, at Shorely Chic, one of my favorite blogs, has a collection of nautical iPhone cases in her Etsy store and I love them all!


and then there's this Jonathan Adler wave one.  and I love it. a lot.


and here are a few from Dungo, a company that is new to me.  These are all really cute too...





This one is probably at the top of my list right now!!

and for a good laugh, here is this one... 


Which is your favorite?  Have you seen any other nautical phone cases?


megan said...

Gah, there ARE too many choices! I would have a hard time deciding, too. Love the cray cray one. :)

Anonymous said...

I have one of the Lilly ones and just love it! It's been on my phone for a year now and still looks fairly new, plus has saved it during the many times I've dropped it :)

Southern Sass said...

Haha so glad to know I am not the only one that wants an Iphone just for the cases! It drives me nuts they dont make all these for androids, but it could be a big problem as well because I want them all! :)

Miss Lindsay said...

I had one of the Lilly cases and it started to peel. I have heard that happening alot so sadly can't say they are great quality.
I would go for the Shorely Chic!!!

SHF said...

I love the Lilly cases, especially "Fallin' In Love"! You can never go wrong with a nautical Lilly pattern!


Janna said...

I've been looking for cute android cases and there are none- I'm trying to hold out for the iphone 5 too- Would love a cute monogrammed case!

My Life as A Plate said...

I totally want an Iphone for the cases as well hahhaah They just don't have the same variety with the droid.

Anonymous said...

OO love the starfish!Should be pink tho!

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Sweet Fairy said...

The beautiful collection of lovely iPhone cases. I like all these and love that sailboat case more. iphone 4 ucuz

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