Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sea-Inspired Clutches

My oh my, I love these sea-inspired clutches.... 

MudPie Sealife Medallion Clutch
I love these two clutches.  Either would pair along perfectly with white pants and sundresses for nights out in the summer.  I think I need one... my birthday is coming up...

MudPie Coral Straw Clutch
 I have this clutch and I love it! It goes with so many things. 

MudPie Striped Straw Clutch
Love the black and gold detailing on this one!  It would look really good with a black maxi dress or sundress.

Isola Bella Coral Linen Clutch
I love this for obvious reasons...  I would probably rock this thing in the winter time I would love it so much.

Isola Bella Starfish Linen Clutch

Lobster Clutch

Anthropologie Anchor Clutch
Pricey but beautiful!

Have you seen any nautical clutches?  If so, let me know!


Eloquent English said...

I love the MudPie Coral Straw Clutch! So cute! xoxo A-

Miss Lindsay said...

Love the navy with starfish!

Rebecca said...

love the anthropologie one! super cute blog post =]

Caitlin C. said...

OMG I love all of them! I think the Mudpie one is my favorite (but how can you choose just one?!)

cRk said...

I LOVE the mudpie medallion clutch. So cute for summer!!

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