Wednesday, January 23, 2013

JV Clothiers

Today, I am headed here...

 to the apparel market in Atlanta!

I am headed here with JV Clothiers, a preppy collegiate clothing line for boys.  Our line includes polo shirts, gingham shorts, and belts with collegiate logos on them.   The schools we currently carry are:  LSU, South Carolina, UGA, Clemson, NC State, UNC, Ole Miss, UL-Lafayette, and Baylor.  We are also planning to apply for several other schools such as Auburn, Alabama, etc. 

Here's to hoping that we do well at market and that people love our brand!  I will give an update next week when I get back.  I will also share more pictures for our other schools once I get them.  We also plan to add cords, long sleeve polo shirts, and pullovers to our line in the near future!
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