Monday, May 13, 2013

April Market

In April I went back to the apparel market in Atlanta. I saw some new brands I am loving, saw some brands I already love, got some new, nautical jewelry, and sold some collegiate gear for football season 2013!  Below are some pics from my trip.

Our JV Clothiers booth!

The market was gameday themed, which of course I loved

Pretty nautical necklace I saw

Starfish bracelet I got

I brought home quite a bit of smocked dresses to use as gifts for all of my friends that are having babies!

This was the jewelry I ended up coming home with.  Yes, I kind of got a lot of starfish stuff...

I went by the Judith March booth to check out their gameday collection for this coming football season

I loved their decorations!

I loved that they had a cooler and SEC themed mints

This was the Everly clothing booth.  It was after hours when I made it over there, so I was sad I didn't get to see anything.  They are one of my favorite brands!

About 12 lines up from the bottom, Duck Dynasty was listed as having a booth.  I love this show... so I was sad I never got a chance to make it over there!

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