Friday, October 4, 2013

Cape Lookout

I am sad summer is over.. letting go is hard to do.  Sorry for all the beachcombing posts, but I can't help it.  Below are pictures from Labor Day at Cape Lookout.  This is probably my most very favorite place to be. Most of the time, there is no one on the ocean side of the island, which I LOVE.  Having a whole beach to yourself is amazing.  I could live over there if there was electricity.  and somewhere to buy chips, french fries, and coke :-)

tons of shells to look through!

headed over to the ocean side

Loads of broken conch shells.  I call the area between the sound side and the ocean side of the Cape a conch shell's graveyard.  There are tons of shells in there, but the ocean is cruel when the tide comes up. 

and this gem is something I picked up out there.  I think it's a stingray skeleton.  When the sun finishes bleaching out, it's gonna look really pretty in my basket of odd beach finds!
ocean side

view of the lighthouse from where we were

Love this view!



KatiePerk said...

Pretty!Come to Charleston. It is 87 today-still lots of good beach weather here!

Linda said...

I collect seashells and am thinking I need to make a trip here. Love the pics.
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