Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer So Far...

Hello my nautical friends!  Due to being incredibly busy, I have neglected my little blog here, but I plan to start showing her some TLC again starting right now. 
I have still been reading and keeping up with your blogs, and plan to get back to commenting soon!

Here's a look at my summer so far: (Okay, so I know it's technically not summer yet, but it is in my book and in the south!)

My bff Carmen came to Raleigh!

Then I went to Wilmington to visit her
and while I was there I met the largest. dog. ever.
Then I went to Morehead City
and went fishing with the boys
and because we attempted to fish in tropical storm force winds, I had to rock this men's XL rain jacket and Patagonia fleece over my bikini and tshirt because we were getting so wet from the water coming in the boat
I've gotten to socialize with my best  friends!

and as you've seen in these pictures, I have been rocking my nautical gear in full-force.

More to come on this tunic tomorrow!
and I've gotten to do some boating, which is one of my most very favorite things to do!

Tomorrow I am doing a product review for one my most very favorite tunics (and trust me, I own and have tried on a lot!)

I hope the start of your summers have been great! I am going to be posting about some of my new nautical finds ASAP!


Miss Southern Prep said...

LOVE your tunic, so I cannot wait to read more about it tomorrow! Looks like you've been having a wonderful summer so far!

megan said...

I want that dog! Seriously, I love great danes! Did you go offshore or inshore fishing?

erin starkey said...

ok where did you get that coal charm necklace?

erin starkey said...

ok it was supposed to say coral charm necklace!

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