Friday, July 12, 2013

Flashback Post: Tory Burch at Target

I was just looking back over some old blog posts and came across this one.  I posted this back way before Target really did get a collection from Tory Burch (along with a ton of other top-notch designers.)  and low and behold, the reaction to it was very similar to this!  This post has gotten 1130 views.  Apparently I wasn't the only one who wanted it to happen.  Perhaps the execs at Target themselves were some of those views...


(I totally had to change my original title of "Tory Burch for Target", I was getting too many people's hopes up...woops)

The Jason Wu for Target collection sparked a wild idea in my head.  I'm not going to lie, I never really got the whole craze over the Missoni collection for Target or even the Jason Wu one. I guess they're just not designers I love.


  Can we IMAGINE how crazy it would be if Tory Burch did a collection for Target?!?


 I mean we are talking people camping outside of Target for days, obviously crashing Target's website, and maybe even crashing the entire internet.  We're talking the Target employees having to go through training on how to handle large crowds of this sort.

This would be mainly women. and maybe even a few really nice boyfriends and husbands.

I bet there would be lots of cat fights and maybe even women getting escorted out by security (or the po-lice!) over who gets the last pair of $19.99 Reva-like flats in a size 7.5.  And I know there would be women grabbing clutches and handbags, with that pretty, all-familiar gold medallion on them, out of each other's hands.

"Give me back that bag, it's mine." "No, this $34.99 Tory Burch bag IS MINE."

If you look up the word pandemonium in the dictionary I'm pretttty sure it says "the events that would occur before, during, and after the launch of a Tory Burch for Target collection" 

I'm just sayin', it would be crazy. I might be exaggerating justttt a little bit, but not too much!

What do y'all think?

(All images came from google images)


Anonymous said...

This would be Black Friday crazy x 127383.0004 but I'd totally be down to get in line!

Anonymous said...

Having Tory at Target would be madness but I know I would be one of the crazies campin outside in the line!

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