Thursday, June 21, 2012

In Search Of...

I'm taking to my blog for desperate measures... I am in search of a white, cotton Lilly Pulitzer Elsa top in an XS.  If anyone has one and wants to sell it, let me know!! If you want to trade me for the Shorely Blue one, let me know!

Here's the Shorely Blue one!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sea It...Love It... - Old Navy

Old Navy has done it again.  They've gone nautical and I love it.  I posted a few months back about their sailboat shirts and now... wait for it... they have sailboat shorts!  I will definitely be acquiring a pair of these to add to my nautcial wardrobe!

Old Navy Sailboat Shorts Blue

Old Navy Sailboat Shorts Orange

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Three Islands Clothing Review

I was so excited when Three Islands Clothing sent me one of their Kathleen tops to review.  I had been eying their line of island inspired pieces via their website for over a year.   I, of course, chose one of the coral printed Kathleen tops and have worn it several times since I received it.  My friends and family have started picking on me for my obsession with nautical tunics (well really my entire nautical wardrobe) but I can't help it, paired with white jeans they make the perfect summer outfit.  

Coral Print Kathleen Top

 and here's the truth about Three Islands Kathleen top... I LOVE it!  and for many reasons. 

One reason is because of its slimmer cut.  I own a lot of tunics and have tried on a lot of tunics and this one, my friends, fits better than any others I've tried. 

Another thing I love is its versatility.  I've worn it over my bikini several times at the beach. It's the perfect weight to wear on the boat or to throw on when you feel like you're starting to get too much sun. (or when you're sitting on the beach in tropical storm force winds like we were in the picture below)


I also love that it can be worn as a top for a day of shopping or a night out at the beach

I love Three Islands brand and what their company stands for.  Three Islands Clothing is a company that was inspired by owners Phil Barney and Justin Goff's love of sandy beaches, salt water, and seaside life.   In addition to their women's line, they also have children's and men's products! Below are some other products from Three Islands that I love!  
I may or may not have ordered this yesterday...

Turquoise Coral Print Top

Beach Tunic

Shirt Dress

Julie Dress

Boys Short Sleeve Shirt
 How cute is this shirt with fishes on it?!
Girls Shift Dress
 and this dress with alligators?!

It just so happens that everything on the Three Islands Clothing website is 15% off until Father's Day and they are offering free shipping! Now's a great time to snatch something up!

Big thanks to Justin and Phil for sending me this top, I love your clothing and what your entire brand stands for!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer So Far...

Hello my nautical friends!  Due to being incredibly busy, I have neglected my little blog here, but I plan to start showing her some TLC again starting right now. 
I have still been reading and keeping up with your blogs, and plan to get back to commenting soon!

Here's a look at my summer so far: (Okay, so I know it's technically not summer yet, but it is in my book and in the south!)

My bff Carmen came to Raleigh!

Then I went to Wilmington to visit her
and while I was there I met the largest. dog. ever.
Then I went to Morehead City
and went fishing with the boys
and because we attempted to fish in tropical storm force winds, I had to rock this men's XL rain jacket and Patagonia fleece over my bikini and tshirt because we were getting so wet from the water coming in the boat
I've gotten to socialize with my best  friends!

and as you've seen in these pictures, I have been rocking my nautical gear in full-force.

More to come on this tunic tomorrow!
and I've gotten to do some boating, which is one of my most very favorite things to do!

Tomorrow I am doing a product review for one my most very favorite tunics (and trust me, I own and have tried on a lot!)

I hope the start of your summers have been great! I am going to be posting about some of my new nautical finds ASAP!
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