Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Cutest Beach Pictures Ever

I have to share my cousin's little girl's 6 mo pictures they had taken on the beach.  She actually had her 9 mo pictures taken this morning, so I'm a tish late, but these nautical beauties had to make it on the blog.  How cute is it that they got her to hold a starfish?!

Beachcombing on Shackleford

Hi my long lost friends!  I have taken a slight break from blogging, but I have loads of pictures on my iPhone from my summer that I have got to get on this blog!  I am so excited that it's football season, but so sad summer is over.  I spent a lot of quality time on sandbars and the boat and picked up many a pretty seashell and other sea treasures!  

Below are pictures from a Sunday in July when we spent the whole afternoon on Shackleford, which is one of my most very favorite places to be. We went clamming.  and by we, I mean the friends I was with dug for clams while I spent the afternoon beachcombing and searching for treasures...

not sure what this is but in the sunlight it looked like coral and I thought it was pretty!

One shell of a party! Look at all these crabs piled up together.  I have never seen this many in one place before!

more of my coral spongey friend

Those are some pretty big claws for such a small shell

A live sand dollar (I put this back!)

I seriously wanted to bring this home as a centerpiece for my table... I am regretting leaving it behind now!

Hermit crabs on the move once the tied started to come in

An old coke bottle that I found that I left there. I so wish I had of brought it home now!

Beautiful shell!

Our their loot

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