Wednesday, January 23, 2013

JV Clothiers

Today, I am headed here...

 to the apparel market in Atlanta!

I am headed here with JV Clothiers, a preppy collegiate clothing line for boys.  Our line includes polo shirts, gingham shorts, and belts with collegiate logos on them.   The schools we currently carry are:  LSU, South Carolina, UGA, Clemson, NC State, UNC, Ole Miss, UL-Lafayette, and Baylor.  We are also planning to apply for several other schools such as Auburn, Alabama, etc. 

Here's to hoping that we do well at market and that people love our brand!  I will give an update next week when I get back.  I will also share more pictures for our other schools once I get them.  We also plan to add cords, long sleeve polo shirts, and pullovers to our line in the near future!

Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm Back!

It sure has been a while, but I'M BACK!  With football season being over and new nautical arrivals hitting the stores daily, I can't stay away any longer.  Kate at Nautical by Nature has been kindly nudging my return.  She even said something along the lines of "You can come back to blogging now that football season is over..." I am happy to tell her I'm finally back!  This post is going to be picture heavy, but here is a catch up of what the last several months for me have been like:

I caught a sea urchin and spent some quality time fishing


I became a sales rep for a preppy collegiate clothing company for boys (more on this to come soon!)

 I spent a lot of time on a charter boat

I turned 28 at the beach (with one of my best friend's Carmen, who also turned 28 on the same day!)

I had a blast at Megan's bachelorette party at Wrightsville Beach

 I went to a football game and a Braves game in ATL with my dad

I spent a lot of time tailgating and cheering on my football team


I met Frank from Big Brother at the ATL airport

I has a blast in New Orleans

  I went on a bayou tour and saw alligators and snakes!

I went to my very first SEC football game, LSU vs South Carolina (This was one of my most favorite things I have ever done.  This girl will be attending many more SEC games!)

I welcomed the newest member to our family, Stella Charles! (Check out the hairbow and bib I gave her.. She is going to love football, I just know it!)

So that pretty much sums up the things y'all missed while I was busy obsessing over enjoying football season.  I've still been reading all of your blogs, just not commenting as much.  I will be regular posting from here on out.  I can't wait to share new nautical finds with you and I even have a giveaway lined up for next week! 
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