Friday, May 31, 2013

Opening Day of Summer

Memorial Day weekend is my equivalent to the opening day of duck/deer season.  We all know how excited the hunters get on the opening day for their favorite game (so excited they get up at 4:15am to wade through cold water and sit in silence in the freezing cold) and this is precisely how excited I was about this past weekend!  I spent a lot of quality time on a sandbar catching up with good friends.  It was the perfect Memorial Day weekend! and thank you to all of of veterans and active military that have served our great country!

View of Taylor's Creek in Beaufort


View of downtown Morehead from the boat

We may or may not have gotten stuck in this creek on the way home thanks to the low tide...  But with a view this pretty, I wasn't complaining.

I also found some GREAT seashells.  Post on those coming soon!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sea It...Love It... - Seahorse Maxi

I love, love when my friends (blogging and real life!) text/email/call me to tell me about something nautical they've seen that reminds them of me.  In the past two weeks I have had 4 friends to show me one nautical dress in particular.  and every time they show it to me, I like it even more.  How will I ever decide on a color....
 I can't get a better picture of it, but it also comes in blue! 

This pattern is also available in shorts!
If you see nautical clothing, email me and I'll link to you if I post about it!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sea It... Love It... - More Mudpie

Yesterday, I posted on nautical clutches by Mud Pie.  Along with these beauties, there are loads of other new, nautical Mud Pie items I am digging as well. 

Mud Pie Sea Turtle Coverup
 I don't have anything with sea turtles on it, so I am really loving this! How pretty is the mint color?!

Mud Pie Jute Tote
 I seriously have no idea which of these totes is my favorite... These are like my 4 most favorite shells!

Mud Pie Sea Life Medallion Tortoise Cuff

Mud Pie Sea Life Medallion Colored Cuff
 Again, how do you choose?!

Mud Pie Sea Life Medallion Tote Bag
 This would totally make the perfect work bag to carry around your laptop, notepads, etc. 

Mud Pie Sea Icon Dip Bowls

**This post was not sponsored I just really like Mud Pie

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sea It... Love It... - Mud Pie

While at market, I got to go in the Mud Pie showroom.  I tried to get a few pictures, but they are blurry because I wasn't supposed to be taking pictures... I was trying to be stealth, but thanks to the ol' iPhone camera noise, that was not possible.  (I wasn't supposed to even be in this building...)

I had been seeing their new nautical clutches show up on Facebook at different boutiques and knew I had to go in there to see them in person

The clutches I went in to see are on the bottom, right-hand side. 

Although I tried my hardest to buy them in bulk, I was unsuccessful.  I ended up getting one when I went to Beaufort a couple of weeks ago and it literally is my dream clutch.  It's CORAL and has a sand dollar on it.  It's like they designed it just for me.  It also is quite roomie and holds everything I need it to.

Here I am rocking my new. favorite. clutch. ever.
 It also comes in navy and in pink!

Mud Pie Sealife Medallion Envelope Clutches
Which one is your favorite??

**This is not a sponsored post, I just really love MudPie...

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sea It... Love It... - Anthropologie

Below are some recent finds I am loving from Anthropologie

Anthropologie Coral Cliffs Butter Dish
I may be the only one who thinks this is awesome, but I have a slight obsession with finding shells that have barnacles on them, so I am all about this

Anthropologie Coral Cliffs Salt Cellar
Not sure that I would actually use this, but it's so cute that I would love it sitting on my counter
Anthropologie Kelp and Coral Apron
 No explanation needed as to why I love this

Anthropologie Seahorse Bottle Opener

Anthropologie Crab Claw Bottle Opener

Friday, May 17, 2013

Seahorse Lounge Pants and Giveaway Winner!

I came across these super cute lounge pajama pants from Old Navy this morning!


and the winner of my Salty Sea tee giveaway is: Jessica Drisoll!! Congrats Jessica! Email me and I will put you in touch with the owners of Salty Sea.  Thanks to everyone who entered!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sea It...Love It... - Hatley

Another brand I got to see up close and personal at market is Hatley.  I've had my eye on one of their tunics and I got to see it in person.

This is the tunic I love.  It looks black in this picture, but it's really navy!

I may or may not have even talked the girl working in the children's Hatley showroom into showing me the 2014 Spring/Summer Hatley collection.  One of the pieces had anchors on it!!

Today is the last day to enter my Salty Sea giveaway.  You could win the beauty below (or any design you like!)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Unplanned Blogger Meet-up

While I was in Atlanta for market, I ended up having a blogger meet-up.  An unplanned one.  When I saw on Facebook that Christy, of Charleston Girl, was staying in the very same hotel that I was in ATL, I commented on the picture saying I was there too.  That night I was sitting at the hotel bar enjoying a rather large plate of nachos by myself when I saw that the conference going on in the large ballroom was letting out.  I then see a blonde girl, rocking a Lilly shirt walk out and instantly knew who she was.  It was Christy.  (If you've ever been on her blog, you know how much she loves Lilly)  She happened to walk over near my table and I flagged her down.  She knew exactly who I was as well and sat down and ordered some food.  When a few guys at the bar tried to chat us up, we knew they would be super intrigued/confused when we said "we met through our blogs."  and indeed, they were.  We got the "you met online!!" comment.  We've been friends on Facebook for over a year and even though I have been to Charleston several times, we hadn't met there, so we thought it was crazy that, of all the hotels in Atlanta, we were staying in the same one.   We proceeded to talk about all things nautical, fashion, our jobs, and lots of other things for about 3 hours.  We had a great time and I am so glad we ran into eachother!

Cheers to a unplanned blogger meet-up and a great night in the hotel bar!!  

*** Don't forget to enter my Salty Sea GIVEAWAY for a chance to enter a nautical tshirt!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Getting to Know You!

I took a little (well, a long) break from blogging last year and feel like since I've been back I've been a little out of the loop. I have gotten several new followers and feel like I have missed getting to know y'all and your blogs.  and I want to get to know you!  (new followers and long-time followers!)

I saw this over at All You Need is Love and think it's a great idea.  Like Emily says, I read a lot of blogs daily, but don't always comment, but would love to get to know the people who read my blog better.

Last summer at my favorite spot on the coast!

Here are the questions - 
(I added in my own question to give it a nautical touch!)

1. What is your name?
2. Where are you from?
3. Where are you living right now?
4.  What is your favorite store?
 5. What is your favorite beach to visit?
6.  What is the name of your blog (if you have one)?  

Here are my answers:

1. Jana
2. Clayton, NC
3. Raleigh, NC (but hoping to move to the coast ASAP)
4. Target
5. Beaufort/Atlantic Beach, NC
6. Seashells and Southern Belles and The Belles of Saturday 

Now it's your turn.  Comment with your answers so I can get to know y'all a little better!

Monday, May 13, 2013

April Market

In April I went back to the apparel market in Atlanta. I saw some new brands I am loving, saw some brands I already love, got some new, nautical jewelry, and sold some collegiate gear for football season 2013!  Below are some pics from my trip.

Our JV Clothiers booth!

The market was gameday themed, which of course I loved

Pretty nautical necklace I saw

Starfish bracelet I got

I brought home quite a bit of smocked dresses to use as gifts for all of my friends that are having babies!

This was the jewelry I ended up coming home with.  Yes, I kind of got a lot of starfish stuff...

I went by the Judith March booth to check out their gameday collection for this coming football season

I loved their decorations!

I loved that they had a cooler and SEC themed mints

This was the Everly clothing booth.  It was after hours when I made it over there, so I was sad I didn't get to see anything.  They are one of my favorite brands!

About 12 lines up from the bottom, Duck Dynasty was listed as having a booth.  I love this show... so I was sad I never got a chance to make it over there!

***Don't forgot to enter my Salty Sea Tshirt giveaway to win a nautical tshirt!

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