Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sea and Southern Style - Stripes

I feel like nautical stripes are in every spring, but they seem to be MAJORLY in for this spring.  Take a walk into Ann Taylor Loft and you'll see what I mean.  They have at least 37 striped things you can see the moment you enter the store.  Below are some striped pieces from a few different places that I'm loving!

Ann Taylor Loft Striped Pancho Sweater

Ann Taylor Loft Fiesta Striped Blouse

Ann Taylor Loft Striped Shift Dress

Ann Taylor Loft Striped Skirt

Top Show Stripe Bow Back Top
Thanks to my friend Kim for sharing this with me! You send me the best ideas!

Shop Ruche On the Wharf Striped Top

ModCloth Aye, Aye Cutie Dress

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sea It...Love It... - Sailboat Print

Remember how I posted about this top I got from Vestique (it sold out super fast, I knew it would!) Well I came across the dress in the same print. I'm not sure I could pull it off, but I just love this print!

ModCloth Sail into the Sunset Dress

Thursday, January 26, 2012

They Call It Fan, I Call It Seashell

Just call me Possessionista.

Last week I was watching Desperate Housewives and saw the top below on Vanessa Williams' character (don't laugh at my poor quality cell phone pictures) and immediately started trying to find it.  The pattern looked like seashells to me, which most def means I had to find it.  It took me a day or two, but I succeeded!

 Turns out this line, Tucker by Gaby Basora, makes this pattern in several different pieces. They call it "fan print," but I think it looks like a seashell.

(I certainly would never wear those pants with it!!)

So, what do y'all think? Seashell or fan?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Miracle Hair Products

I want tell all of you who left me comments about my botched haircut/new short hair THANK YOU!!! I really enjoyed reading all of your "oh my gosh's" and "what did that girl do to your hair" comments!  

Through the experience of having my thick, curly hair suddenly chopped off to above my shoulders, I have gone through my fair share of hair products to find the ones that really work and wanted to share my findings with you.  

Pretty much the only thing that I've found that keeps my hair from looking like an oversized mushroom, is keratin. (Thank you sweet baby Jesus for whoever decided to put this protein into hair products!)  I debated getting a keratin treatment done to my hair, but the products below prevented me (so far) from having to have that done.  I tried a lot of drugstore products with keratin in it, but unfortunately the only ones that have worked, and I mean really work, have been salon brands. 

 I now present to you my lifesaver/sanity preserving hair products!

Simply Smoth Xtend Shampoo
 A little tip about this shampoo, and I'm not real sure how I came to figure this out, but if I wash my hair first with any other kind of shampoo, I normally use a smoothing one, and then use this afterwards, it works that much better, it helps it lather like crazy!  So yes, I have to double shampoo, but it's worth it!

Simply Smooth Xtend Conditioner
It only takes a tiny bit of this stuff and the tangles comb right out!

Simply Smooth Keratin Finishing Gloss
I put this on my hair while it's damp right before I blowdry it.  It says to use a dime-sized amount and they ain't lyin' when they say that.  I used a quarter amount one time and it did not turn out so well.

Simply Smooth Xtend Magic Potion
 This product is exactly what it says it is. A magic potion.  I'm not real sure what it does... I guess it conditions and helps smooth,but it's amazing! I put this on after the finishing gloss above.  

Simply Smooth Xtend Humidity Shield Hair Spray
This is hands down the best anti-humidity hairspray I've ever used!! I haven't used it at the beach in the summertime yet, but I'm guessing it's going to be golden when I do!

Paul Mitchell Awaphuhi Ginger Shampoo
 I've use the whole line of this collection as well.  The shampoo, conditioner, keratin leave-in treatment, and serum work really well!

California Smooth Keratin Smoothing Treatment

 I only have the smoothing treatment in this line, but I really love it and want to get the shampoo/conditioner next!

and I couldn't do without my HANAair blowdryer that I reviewed here! It has been a huge help!

So there you have it, those are the products that have helped me embrace my new short hair!

Have y'all ever used any good products with keratin in them?

(I wasn't paid to say/review any of this)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sea It...Love It... - Z Gallerie

This past weekend I went into Z Gallerie and it made me so. ready. for. summer. or at least warm weather.  We've actually had a pretty mild winter so far here, but I'm ready, and have been since October, for it to be hot again.  Here are a few things that caught my eye. 
I actually didn't see these, but just saw them online. I want that octopus!
Starfish Trinket Box
All images and products can be found at zgallerie.com

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Emily is Next!!!


Just read that Emily Maynard will be the next bachelorette!! I. am. pumped! and even cooler, the show is moving production here to North Carolina, in Charlotte.  I didn't like wasn't crazy about Ashley H. and Ben is nice, buttt not that great to watch, so bring on Emily!

Megan at Style Me Swanky posted last week that she had heard an official rumor about this, so glad it's true!  and maybe I'm a little behind on this, because I've heard a lot of people say they had heard rumors too. #can'twait

Sea It...Love It... - Vestique

Vestique has been getting in loads of new arrivals lately and one thing I am noticing is bright colors! Love it!

Pam Halpert in Royal

Peaks and Valley Necklace in Orange

In Living Color Top

Stone Work Earrings in Orange

Fashion A-List Top in Royal
This is the back of the top, how cute is it?

Cleopatra Necklace in Coral and Teal

Take a Bow Tank

Love You to Pieces Necklace in Pink

You're a Real Gem Earrings

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Farewell to Football

I wrote this about a month ago after our last football game.  It should probably be written in past tense now, but I was waiting until after bowl season was over to post it. 

Dear 2011 Football Season - 

You have been real good to me and, decently, good to my team.  We have shared a lot of great Saturdays together (and one not so great Thursday night that unfortunately was aired on national television) and I am extremely sad to see you go.  You make me feel like a kid on Christmas morning every Friday night before Gameday and you have single-handedly stocked my closet full of beautiful red dresses for tailgating.  You have allowed me to see people I don't get a chance to see all year that only venture into my town solely because of you.  You've allowed me to meet new people and socialize with family and friends while we gather (and eat way too much) in your honor. You have caused me to have major anxiety on several occasions and have also taught me that you shouldn't ever give up, even when you are down 27 points late in the THIRD quarter.  I start counting down for your arrival pretty early. Like March/April early.   So until next year and until we meet again, thanks for the memories and I will miss you dearly. (But now maybe since you're gone, my house might actually get cleaned on the weekends...)


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