Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday's Fancies # 20

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 I am once again linking up with the lovely {av} of {long distance loving} for Friday's Fancies!!   I have no idea what I'm doing this weekend and I am 100% excited about this.  This is the first weekend since the first week of June that I haven't had anything to do.  But if I do end up doing something fabulous this weekend, this is the outfit I would want to wear.

I am loving this blue top and coral starfish earrings together (I know, shocking...) 
And we all need to be rocking our white pants and shorts as much as possible in the next few weeks.  Whatever you do this weekend, I hope it's great!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sea It...Love It... - Vestique (They've Done It Again...)

Please check out these fabulous new nautical earrings from Vestique.  They sure know how to catch my eye!

 All images and pieces found on

My Birthday Weekend!

Here's my birthday weekend re-cap!

I spent my actual birthday is Morehead City with my friend Kristen.  Funny story - When I got into town Kristen was still at work, and when she gets home, she finds me and her husband watching a marathon of Swamp People.  She was like "what have you done with Jana, why are you making her watch this?!?" and he says "honey, Jana loves it, she knows all their names." True story... I do love the show Swamp People.  I love their accents and could listen to them talk all day.  SHOOOOT that gattorrrr

We took a cruise on Kristen's new golf cart before my birthday dinner. and then we did it again late night when we got home too.  Saying it was a fun time is an understatement... "Coming in hardddd.."

Had to show you a full picture of it.  I'm pretty sure I think it's so awesome because it's NC State colors!!! (Please note that Kristen is rocking JRs while driving the golf cart!)

Out for my birthday!

Then on Friday, I headed to Wilmington for more celebrating with Carmen, the other bday girl! I've celebrated my/our birthday in Wilmington since I was like 19! Like always, it was a blast!!

Friday night at the beach bars
My dress is from Vestique. It's hard to tell, but it has fishes on it! Whichhhh you know means I am in love with it... and they still have them in stock!

Birthday girls!!

Old friends from college!! (Side note - I went to school at UNCW for my Freshman year, before transferring to State.) We felt like we were having a class reunion

College Roomies!! One of my college roomates, Morgan, got married in Wilmington on Saturday! and they also rocked starfish earrings!!!

me and Avera, a bridesmaid at Morgan's wedding. I, of course, loved the one-shoulder bridesmaids dresses!

me and Stacy, another college roomie. (We missed you Kim!)

Beach Bar Birthday Celebration Night #2

Can't believe I am about to point this out, but you see how bad my blue dress wrinkled?? Anyone know how to prevent that from happening with dresses like that?  Starch? Any ideas are welcome :-)

Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway by The Merry Martini I posted yesterday!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday Love and a Giveaway!

Thanks for all of the wonderful birthday wishes y'all gave me on here!! It made my day to get emails throughout the day from all of you mixed in with all my Facebook wishes!! I had a wonderful 27th birthday, I will share pictures with you soon.  

I want to share some of the fantastic things I got for my birthday.  For the entire month before my birthday, I had tried to think of things I wanted for my birthday, but I never came up with much.  Despite not having a list, my friends ended up giving me things I loved and wanted without even knowing!

Vera Bradley Ditty Bag in Twirly Birds
 Vera Bradley Ditty Bag - I take back part of what I just said. This is the one thing I had thought of for my birthday that I wanted. I am always needing something to put dirty clothes or bathing suits in on trips and this is the perfect bag for the job!

Vera Bradley Cooler
Vera Bradly Cooler -  I already used this while I was at the beach and I loved it! It's easy to wipe down and I love the pocket on the front.  

Fornash Starfish Necklace
Fornash Starfish Necklace - You've seen me post about Fornash jewelry on here time and time again, so I am super pumped that I now have my very own Fornash necklace!

Mud Pie Coral Clutch
Mud Pie Coral Clutch - I absolutely love this!!!  It actually holds a phone and camera perfectly and there is plenty of room leftover for lipgloss and a few other essentials.  I also love that it's straw and, of course, that it has coral on it! 

Two's Company Reef Cuff Bracelet
Two's Company Reef Cuff Bracelet - (I posted about these here) You have seen many things from the Two's Company Reef collection on here this summer, I am a huge fan.  I have a cooler in the sand dollar print, my beach bag is the octopus print, and I just got the starfish cuff for my birthday!  

and here is where the giveaway comes in... Kelly from The Merry Martini, a boutique located in Durham, NC, has generously offered to give away one of these Reef Cuff Bracelets to one of my readers!! The Merry Martini is a super cute boutique that has great gifts, invitations, and things for the home.

One lucky winner can choose any bracelet from this collection.  

How to Enter:

Mandatory (1 entry) - Like the Merry Martini on Facebook.  Leave me a comment saying you've done this and let me know what bracelet you'd choose if you win.  

2 extra entries - Browse the The Merry Martini webpage and let me know what your favorite item is 

1 extra entry - Be a public follower of my blog

*Please use a separate comments for each entry*
This giveaway will end Monday, August 8th, at 11:59pm.

Good luck!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sea It...Love It... - Echo Design

The days of summer are FLYING by! I can't believe August starts on Monday! Echo Design is another new (to me) brand I discovered while shopping at the beach.  Here are some of my favorite pieces from their website. 

All images and pieces can be found on the Echo Design website.

and on a side note, YAY for the lockout being over!!!!!! That's one birthday wish that came true!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Trip Around The Sun - It's My Birthday!!

Today is my 27th birthday!!! I am so thankful to have had another year on this earth.  Ups, downs, and everything in between, I am blessed and thankful for everyday. I can't wait to see what this year has in store for me, I have a feeling it's going to be a good one! Below are some lyrics from a song I love, "Trip Around the Sun" by Jimmy Buffett. It's a good one!

Hear 'em singing Happy Birthday
Better think about the wish I made
This year gone by ain't been a piece of cake
Every day's a revolution
Pull it together and it comes undone
Just one more candle and a trip around the sun

A few (comical) wishes I have for this year... 

-That one-shoulder tops/dresses and leggings will stay in style

-That our new starting quarterback at NC State will be as good as our last 
one.  Okay, okay, I'll even take a 1/3 as good

-That our football team will beat UNC for the FIFTH year in a row!!!!

-That the Panthers will not end up in dead last place in the NFL this year (That's where we currently stand)

-That french fries and salt n' vinegars will magically no longer be bad for me and scientists will find that they really contain "good" carbs

-That the NFL lockout will end.... TODAY would be nice!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Birthday Twins!

Tomorrow is my 27th birthday!  It feels like just yesterday that I turned 21 and now I'm one day away from being 27!!  I am probably one of a very few that gets to share their birthday with their best friend.  Me and my best friend, Carmen, have celebrated our birthdays together for years.  I remember the day we realized we had the same birthday.  We were sitting in dance class, during our senior year of high school, and we were all talking about our birthdays and I couldn't believe when she said hers is July 21st.  We became bffs when we went off to college and have had a blast celebrating every year since then!

Happy Birthday Carmen! Here's to another fabulous birthday weekend! We are going to run the beach bars like we always do.  (and I'm sure we'll have about 35 people ask if we are twins like usual...)

  Below are pictures from birthdays past of the birthday twins! 

21st Birthday (Please check out my gauchos..hahha)

On stage at Rum Runners

22nd Birthday

22nd Birthday

23rd Birthday

23rd Birthday

24th Birthday

24th Birthday

25th Birthday

25th Birthday

26th Birthday (We had a pool party! and don't laugh at my toe, it was bad off...)

26th Birthday

Can't wait to see what this year's birthday weekend holds!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sea It...Love It... - Lindsay Phillips

While shopping at the beach while on vacation, I ran across some new (to me) brands with some nautical pieces I'm loving.  One of these brands is Lindsay Phillips.  How cute are these bags and scarves?! All she's missing is some sea-inspired tunics!


All items and images can be found on Lindsay Phillips' Website
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