Thursday, March 17, 2011

Going Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

ModCloth Pretty Peas Dress

Kate Spade Green Studs

Vivid Palmetto Green Essie Polish
Anthropologie Drawing Parallels Skirt
Urban Outfitters Watch

and don't forget to enter my mollybeads earring giveaway if you haven't already.  You can enter here!


Jenna said...

Love that watch!


megan said...

Wow that is some greeeeeen nail polish! I think today would be the only day that I could possibly pull it off.

KatiePerk said...

excellent finds! I am digging that dress!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Anonymous said...

The nail polish is fun.

KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

I love those earrings and that skirt! Those are would be fun to wear on days other than St. Patrick's Day :)

sealaura said...

great choices! I am wearing Essie's se psyched for a little green today. I love the green studs. that watch is fab, that same company does a gorgeous turquoise one too.

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