Friday, June 17, 2011

Vestique Big Rock Dress!

For those of you who liked the Vestique Big Rock dress I posted about a few days ago, it's baaaack and in PINK. and trust me when I say (because I just tried it on) that is real cute in person.  I am the proud new owner of one and I can't WAIT to rock it (no pun intended).  Get it while it's hot, because I'm going to bet it's not going to be available for long!

Vestique Big Rock Dress in Pink


Fit With Flash said...

i've been SUCH a fan of dresses with pockets lately... lets me walk around with one hand in there to make me look mysterious and cool... or so i'd like to think. ; )

Sundresses and Smiles said...

That's perfect to throw on over a bathingsuit!

Stephanie said...

This dress is adorable. Dresses (and skirts) with pockets is one of my all time favorite things!!

Stephanie (Big Mario Life)

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