Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quality Beach Town Time

I got to spend some quality time in two of my favorite beach towns this past week and weekend.  Wednesday through Friday I was in Beaufort. 

This was my view at lunch on Wednesday.  I ate on the Beaufort waterfront. It's one of my favorite places to be... (This is a a trusty pic from Instagram. Yes, I have finally jumped on the Instagram train, I'm way late.  Follow me at janamoss)

Boats on the Morehead City waterfront

I got to venture out to the beach on Wednesday and spent way over an hour looking shells!

On Friday I headed to Wilmington to spend the weekend with my best friend Carmen. 

Decked out in a nautical outfit for a night out!

On Sunday we headed out to Dockside for an afternoon on the dock and by the boats

I had a great time in both places and can't wait to go back soon!


Caron's Beach House said...

Thanks for your comment about sea urchins! They are so cool - and absolutely beautiful, my family have all been great supporters on my quest to find them on a low tide.


Lauren said...

Beaufort is so gorgeous! Love the pictures

Sarah Elizabeth said...

okay not gonna lie I was SUPER jealous of the pictures you were posting- I need to be coastal like STAT!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I vacationed at Atlantic Beach a while back and LOVED Beaufort..we visited multiple times that week!

Emily said...

beautiful pictures and you look stunning!! xoxo

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