Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sea It...Love It... - Nautical Scarves

I have been on a nautical scarf kick lately.  I don't remember in past years there being so many great nautical scarves out there, but there surely are this year!  It's not quite time to start rocking my all out nautical dresses and jewelry, but throwing on a nautical scarf is the perfect addition to a spring outfit. 

{Let me know if you've seen any nautical scarves lately and I'll feature them in a post!}

I picked one up similar to the one below at the Banana Republic Outlet back in the fall.  I, of course, love the coral color

Coral Starfish Scarf

I ordered this next one from Preppy and Personalized on Facebook, but I just found it on ModCloth as well.  I love the color and love the cute crabs on it!

ModCloth Grand Central Crustacean Scarf in Crab

 Funny story behind this next scarf.... I got it when I went to market.  I love the color and print, however; I did not like that it was crinkly. Sooo I took it upon myself to iron it.  If you ever get the inkling to iron a scarf, I would make good and sure it's on low heat, because this beaut now has a nasty hole in it... I still wear it, I just have to hide the hole.

Blue Starfish Scarf

I am in love with this Lilly print below....

Lilly Pulitzer Riley Infinity Loop Scarf

I spotted this lobster scarf on ModCloth and I love the print and colors
ModCloth Grand Central Crustacean Scarf in Lobster

I love the color of this next scarf

Yellow Starfish Scarf


sunlvr said...

I LOVE the yellow starfish scarf! Where did you find it??

abigail mack said...

I adore the lobster scarf! Your style is so cute :)

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