Monday, June 10, 2013

Omaha Bound!

Our baseball team is headed to the College World Series for the first time since 1968!!!

For the past two weekends I have been to our games with my dad and am so blessed I was able to witness this unbelievable series of games in person!  In the later innings of both games against Rice (the team we played this past weekend in the Super Regionals), it looked as if we were definitely going to lose.  But we came back and pulled off a win.  They don't call us the Cardiac Pack for nothing...

Last weekend - 1st regional game

Beautiful afternoon for baseball

This was a fabulous way to watch Super Regional games!

Hard to see, but there were a ton of people up on that parking deck watching the game too

We got to sit in the bull pen. Which was so awesome...

After our 1st win in the Super Regional (such an unbelievable game and comeback by the Pack!)

Yes, I wore the same shirt last weekend, but for some odd reason, I don't own a lot of red tops (just red dresses!)

View in the bull pen

Only at NC State do you find police horses on campus...
Three out of the four games I went to were sunny and hot and beautiful.  Yesterday's game started out like that and then suddenly nasty storm clouds started making their way in.  Everyone kept pulling up the radar, but nothing was happening and then all of a sudden the sky fell out.   My dad got recruited into the tarp crew to help cover the field and was seen on national tv, ESPN!, pulling the tarp over the field.  I had friends texting me telling me they saw him.  What a great experience!

 The rain didn't ever completely stopped, but they had to finish the game.  This game went into SEVENTEEN innings.  Yes, you read that right.  17.  Our team played in a game against our arch rival a few weeks ago that went into 18 innings and broke a record... Well, we broke another record last night.  Our game was the longest super regional game in NCAA History! I was super impressed by how many of our fans came back into the game and sat in the drizzle to watch our team pull out a win for a game that lasted for over seven hours! I mean they should've came back in, but it was pushing on 10:30 at this point. and it was a Sunday night!

My frizzy, damp hair and red mud covered legs were totally worth witnessing my Wolfpack make it into the CWS for first time since 1968!

Hard to see, but a lot of our fans came back in after the 77 minute rain delay

After the win!

Blurry, but had to get a picture after our win!

One interesting note is who we play next... it will either be the Tarheels (which is our biggest rival and the team we lost to by a bad play in that 18 inning game a few weeks ago) or the Gamecocks (I have good friends who went to SC, like Megan at Fried Green Pickles and Ashley, at Run With Me) so I'm not sure which team I would rather play... I would like revenge over the Tarheels, but I do want the Gamecocks to crush the Tarheels today!!!

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The Reedy Review said...

Go Pack! I'm a Clemson grad, but my dad and father-in-law went to NC State, so I'll always pull for the Wolfpack as long as they aren't playing the tigers :) Glad one of us made it to Omaha!

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