Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sea It.. Love It... - Spartina

I came across these Spartina necklaces and instantly fell in love.  I still haven't decided which color I like better... Either cream or navy!

Spartina Anchor Necklace (Navy)

Spartina Anchor Necklace (Red)

Spartina Anchor Necklace (Cream)
I don't wear bracelets as much, but I loved this as well. 

Spartina Anchor Bracelet

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Anonymous said...

These are darling!! I am just lusting over that cream one! Anchors + pearls... how can you go wrong?
xx, Emily
shell chic'd

Ashton said...

AHH! Love, love Spartina! I am sure you have looked at the rest of her line. Her bags are gorgeous, too. She is from HHI/Daufuskie.

Shelby said...

Totally just saw these pretties and thought of you! Happy Friday :)

Shelby {Recent Somethings} said...

And P.S. FGT recipe is up - dedicated to my fave NC blogger!

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