Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Few Random Things...

Warning, this is a super random post. But this is how my mind works. It runs about a hundred miles a minute.

I missed my blog's 1st birthday. I knew it was sometime in January or maybe even February. But I totally missed it. It was January 22nd.  Sorry little blog, happy belated birthday! 

I'm in love with the winter we are having.  I can count on two hands the time I have had to wear my "winter" coat this year.  It's legit been in the 60s and 70s most days and I LOVE it.  I have been ready for warm weather since October, so this winter has been real kind to me. and HOLLER FOR TODAY BEING THE FIRST DAY OF MARCH!!


So as I'm sure all you fashionistas know, the 2012 fall/winter fashion week occurred a couple of weeks ago.  I always love the idea of the spring/summer fashion week in the fall, not that I really pay that much attention to it, I just know it means people are thinking about upcoming warm-weather fashion.  Which means... I am so not a fan of the fall/winter fashion week. I mean who wants to think about fall clothes right now?!

Have y'all ever had Annie's Cheddar Bunnies?  I am the cheese. cracker. queen. and these lil' babies are delicious.  I bought some last week and won't tell you how fast I went through the box... I had seen them at various houses that I've babysat at (where the moms are mega-organic and healthy) so I'm thinking this must mean these are good for me right?! 

and here is one more hair product to add to my collection. I've heard about it for a long time and my hair girl kept telling me to get it and I should've listened a long time ago.  It works some kinda good!

Told you it was a collection of random things :-)


megan said...

I like your super random posts. :) And I can't believe you haven't tried the moroccan oil before now!

Michelle said...

Happy B-day (belated) to your blog :)

Have you tried Annies mac and cheese too? It's pretty awesome!

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday to your blog! xo

Everything Coastal said...

love the super random post! Happy Birthday -


Emily {All You Need is Love} said...

happy 1st bday!! :) must try those cute bunny crackers -- i am a cheezit fanatic. those look healthy though! or maybe healthier? LOVE moroccan oil too -- amazing! xoxo

Sarah said...

Happy 1st birthday! I love those cheddar bunnies. Anything by Annie's Homegrown is addicting!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Happy Blogoversary!! Mine is coming up this month!

Lindsay // Vineyard Loveknots said...

Happy Belated Birthday Seashells and Southern Belles!!
I have devoured an entire box in just one day... the white cheddar are my fav!

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