Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait...& to Those Who Are Nice

This is kind of a long story, but it's worth it.... Last Friday, I found a dress identical to the one below (except it was black and white) in a local boutique.  I loved it the minute I saw it, the picture doesn't do it justice.  The stripes and gold buttons screamed nautical and I knew gold JRs would go great with it (like they don't go good with everything...)  It was casual, but also work-appropriate.  So I tried it on and loved it, but I kept thinking that it would be even better in navy and white, but was still sold on it anyways.

   Throughout my 20 minutes of browsing and trying on different dresses, it was just me and the owner in the store.  I had been warned by several people before I went in there and knew from previous visits, that she isn't the friendliest cat on the block so I made it a point to kill her with kindness. didn't work...and she was still not very friendly or welcoming to me.  So, even though I loved the dress, I didn't get it.  Not that she needs my support to keep her store open, but I would love to think that small businesses are grateful for the customers that walk in their doors, especially in this economy. 

Anyways, I have thought about that dress several times this week, but I refused to go back and get it.  Fast forward to yesterday afternoon.  I walked in Forever 21 and it was like the music stopped and I was the only one in the store.  Staring and glaring at me, was the IDENTICAL dress I saw at the boutique for a THIRD of the price and in NAVY AND WHITE.  Talk about meant to be...  Guess good things do come to those who wait...and to those who are nice!

Navy and White Striped F21 Dress

Navy and White Striped F21 Dress

Navy and White Striped F21 Dress


ali v. said...

ohmygoodness! I LOVE when that's really the best feeling ever. Sometimes F21 can surprise the best way possible! have a great Saturday! and congrats ;) xoxo {av}

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Lucky you...happy that you didn't buy it from the rude owner.


Morgan said...

Now I want to know who the rude owner is?!

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