Friday, March 8, 2013

Sea It...Love It... - Target

I always get excited to go in Target around Jan/Feb/March (well, really anytime of the year) but specifically then because that's when they put their nautical stuff out.  This year has been no exception.  I had about 38 friends to let me know that their nautical jewelry collection was out in December.  (I had already seen it, but I am so glad that people think to tell me when they see nautical things!)   I can't seem to find any of the jewelry online but below are some other nautical inspired pieces that I am loving. 

I really, really want these pillows but can't find them at any Target!!!! Apparently everyone else liked them too...

Target Jewelry Stand
 Maybe some people think this is supposed to be a tree branch, butttt I think it's coral.  I have one like this in white and I love it!

Nate Berkus Cream Pineapple

Nate Berkus Navy Crab

Nate Berkus White Crab



Sara {Social Sara} said...

Great finds! Love the pineapple and the crabs! Target has some great nautical accents. Hope you have a lovely weekend! So glad you are back, BTW! :)

megan said...

Love those crabs! And I think I need that pineapple for my kitchen.

Caitlin C. said...

I want everything!! Especially that pineapple :)

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I think I need that pineapple!

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