Friday, March 22, 2013

Tunic Love - Tunics for Minis

 Yesterday I posted on the precious flamingo tunic for little girls from Mud Pie.  Today I am featuring another line of tunics for girls; these from Gretchen Scott.  I have loved Gretchen Scott tunics since the very moment I first laid eyes on one.  The bold, bright, and super nautical patterns draw me in every time I see one.  I was excited to see that they've added "Mommy and Me" tunics to their collection.  (I am not a mom, but close to 131 of my girl friends have had little girls lately and I work in the children's clothing industry, so I have reason to stay on top of good clothing for little girls)  Below are some of my favorite "Mommy and Me" Gretchen Scott tunics.  How cute are they?!

I had to include this one... I have def never seen a dog wear a tunic.  So cute!

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1 comment:

Sara {Social Sara} said...

I am dying over that doggie tunic! So cute! Seriously, if I had a little one, I'd definitely have to have a few of these. Hope you have a great weekend!

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