Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blog Friends!


In my short time in the blogging world, I have "met" some really awesome girls!  Below are a few of my blogging pals that I want to say "thank you" to.  Thanks for your advice (on blogging and personal stuff!), for your comments, and for genuinely being awesome to me during this process!  Who knew you could actually make real friends through blogging...   and to my friends that heard me talk about Seashells and Southern Belles long before I ever started it, thank you too!!

If you haven't checked their blogs out you should...because they are all awesome!

Ashton at Soulshine
 Lindsay at vineyard loveknots
Megan at Fried Green Pickles
Ashley Lauren at Texas Prep

and a big thanks goes to Carolina City Girl for tagging me for the 7 Facts Blog Award, I really appreciate it!  I was honored to receive an award like this a few weeks ago, you can see my answers here.  Have a great weekend!

I hit a 100 followers earlier this week and I'm organizing the details for my first giveaway!  It should be up and open next week!


megan said...

How nice! Love your blog, as well! :)

katrynalyn said...

I love your blog! And all these souther preppy and nautical ones, I actually already follow all of them! Including your's. You should check out

Miss Lindsay said...

I heart you Jana!!!!!!!
I can't wait to check out the other blogs you mentioned that I don't already follow.
Have a great weekend girly.

Chic Coastal Living said...

Love your blog! Keep writing!

Love of the Sea said...

Congratulations on the 100 followers....that is awesome. Thanks for listing these blogs above...I am always interested in finding news ones!

Ashton said...

Congratulations for 100! So exciting...I can only hope! Thank you, too. I love all my bloggy friends. Megan and I are actually sorority sisters. Hope you are doing well!

Kate said...

Congrats on 100! I LOVE your blog and feel like we are nautical soulmates!

Kate said...

PS-The Old Navy long sleeve anchor tshirt is even cuter in person. I think I'm ordering an extra ;)

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